2017 — The Year To Just Go For It!

I have been building personal brands for some of Canada’s most interesting and successful people for 16 years now and so I tend to look at everything as a brand – even this new year unfolding before us. But let’s first talk about the past year. 2016 was The Year Of Disruption, and just looking at global politics, that was putting it mildly.

However, even on an individual scale, almost everyone I know, met and worked with in 2016 experienced transformational change that was either already in the works, or came as a complete surprise. Some people changed their geographical location, as I did,  choosing to go and live somewhere new. For others, it was their jobs and careers that took unexpected turns. Relationships shifted. Some fell apart entirely, and for others, health matters became paramount. These changes brought with them a feeling of imbalance, because these are indeed unsettling times, but for the most part, they have definitely prompted the sense of a new start.

So 2017 feels like an important year, a turning point year for all of us — a year to take a risk, do something different, build something new and create a new version of ourselves, one that has always been there but never fully expressed.

We have all been building towards this for a while but this is the year to stand up and get noticed. It is time to share our ideas, tell our stories and engage in a whole new conversation with others. Yes, it is the year to set aside any or all of our self-doubts, our fears of not being good enough, and simply going for it!

So here are my Three Tips to Empower Yourself and Your Personal Brand in 2017!

1. Re-Write Your Success Story
Become the author of your story.  Tell people who you are and what you stand for. Review your CV and explore the theme running through your accomplishments. For instance, everything I have done in my life has been as a Storyteller helping people create and communicate the stories of their success. But you might be someone who has always been a cheerleader for others, tried to empower others, or has been on a crusade to help people become more innovative. Notice that the theme you are looking for is always about how you help people. Use this larger context about yourself to re-write and re-position your success story. Use the Summary at the top of your LinkedIn profile to promote it.

2. Package Your Expertise
All of us have untapped value hiding in our lifetime of acquired knowledge and experience. These are your ideas, methods, strategies and philosophies, in other words your intellectual property. Consider discovering what that is and packaging it to create a new product, service or even a whole new business or cause.

3. Take A Risk
We all have something that we have always wanted to do to express ourselves but have put off. For instance, many of my clients dream of getting up in front of a large audience and giving a speech worthy of a TED Talk. Taking a risk on something that feels exciting but also a little bit scary is always an enriching and expanding experience and so worth it. So I say just go for it.  Make 2017 the year you just go for it!

The Success Story Program™ has lots of fun ways to explore these ideas. Contact us at dbishop@successstoryprogram.com and we will send you our Scorecard Exercise to help you assess your situation and clarify your goals!

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