The Truth About Your LinkedIn Summary

This may come as a shock. On my list of well over 1000 connections on LinkedIn, many have not written anything about themselves in the Summary Section at the top. NOTHING. This is a mistake. Because…

Did You Know? If you are in business of any kind, people are more likely to find you on LinkedIn than anywhere else including your website.  AND … your LinkedIn SUMMARY is  the first thing that people look at after your picture and headline.*

The Summary Section is the most important feature on your LinkedIn Profile. It is one of the best personal marketing platforms out there because it is not a resume or a place to list your skills, it is your story, a place to really engage your audience.

I understand why it is challenging to craft a solid Summary. In a few short sentences you are expected to say what you do, how you are unique and why anyone should care. And do all that while writing clearly, concisely and in a manner that will attract your target market!

Here are some other things about the LinkedIn Summary;

Did You Know? If people read the first line of your Summary, they are likely to read the next two paragraphs.   

So make those first sentences count. Make the reader beg to know more.

Do NOT  back into your story with phrases such as “For the last 20 years, I have …”  Get to the point. What do you do now? How do you help people?

Show your passion.


Marketing Consultant: “I build brands, people brands, and I work with people who on a mission and want to gain profile, influence, and reach a wider audience!”


Real estate agent: “I help families find the house that their kids will grow up in!”


Financial Advisor: “I work with high net worth investors who are excited about finding the opportunities in a shifting and volatile global economy!”

Did You Know? People prefer the 1st person to the 3rd person in the LinkedIn Summary? Makes sense doesn’t it?  They can check out your skills and experience in the CV portion lower down on your profile, but the Summary is where people want to get a sense of you.

Did You Know? People are turned off by someone being too sale-sy on LinkedIn. Here is an approach that I took right off one LinkedIn Summary that if worded differently could be more effective.  What do you think?

“Fast-action strategic thinking to achieve measurable business results.
Outstanding branding that leads to powerful client engagement.
Professional Speaker: “Find Your Next “BEST” Client” and “Refresh Your Brand Persona Perspective.”

Remember. your LinkedIn Summary is not a brochure; it is a story. So make yours one that will really grab your audience and ensure they keep reading!

Note *You can access the Summary Section on your LinkedIn Profile by clicking on the little pen icon to the right of your picture and title. You have to scroll down all the way past your Name and Headline information in order to find the box to write your Summary, which is why some people overlook it.”

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