The Journey To Discover Your Personal Brand!

I was a late bloomer. I am talking late, late, late bloomer.

In fact, it took me until I was almost 30 to get serious about a real career. (Working for an airline just to get the free travel didn’t really count in my books.)  And it was half a century before I finally figured out what I was really, really good at and always meant to do. Never mind. I got there. In fact, I was at the top of my field after 20 years as a TV news correspondent, having worked with all the major Canadian networks and two US networks, when I discovered that I was feeling stuck, uninspired and restless to do something else, although I didn’t know what.

I bet some of you can relate.

Maybe, you are thinking about re-inventing or re-positioning yourself.  Perhaps, you are simply looking to take what you are doing to a much higher level and/or want to raise your profile and reputation in your field and industry.

And the truth is, these days, with so many people doing similar things,  many of us ARE looking for ways to stand out and differentiate ourselves – especially when we feel we have something special to offer, and we want people to understand and benefit from the value and contribution that we can provide.

My journey to discover my “Personal Brand” helped me make the transition to an incredible new life and business, and I have helped hundreds of people in business, politics, law, health, fashion and entertainment do the same.

A word of caution. If you are serious about taking this journey to discover and awaken your personal brand, you have to be prepared to be open, vulnerable and exposed. So I challenge you  —- as I did for myself and believe me, there were some surprises along the way — to get out your branding iron and Dare To Be Exposed As The Success You Really Are!

(Next Time: Famous People Get Branded, Why Not You?)