“The Personal Brand Breakthrough Exercise”

Over a lifetime, everyone develops many abilities but eventually one seems to standout
more than the others. And this is no ordinary talent!

It is the “One Thing” that you are so good at that it seems effortless in its execution. Time flies when you are doing it, and most importantly, using or doing this “One Thing” is the most empowering thing you can do for yourself.

Now—if you have been following along with my story, you have started to connect the dots in your own and the following is an exercise that can close the loop to find that “One Thing” that really makes you tick.

Here is what you need to do — Think of Three Times In Your Life where you completely lost yourself in a task and the world around you disappeared. Some people call this being “in the flow.”

They could be things you did in your work, with your family, in your leisure time, for your community or a charity. It could be something you did as a kid or an adult, took you 3 months to complete or happened in a ten minute period. It doesn’t matter. What does matter is that when you were doing it, you felt FANTASTIC! It was fun and stimulating. It made you feel good.

It’s also something that you could do all day long because when you do it, you have no sense of time. In fact, it’s almost too easy – effortless, like child’s play.  “No sweat. I can do this in my sleep’, you might even be saying to yourself.”

And do you know why?  Because it is what you are really, really, really good at, and you have been doing and honing this ability all your life that you take it for granted. Stop. Pay attention now.  This “One Thing”  is exactly what you were always meant and supposed to do a lot of more of!

(Next Time: Yes, I will have some examples for you!)